Upgrade Your English A2 Student's Book & e-book
ISBN-13: 9789963264391
CEFR Level: A2
The authors: Kate Newbury, Steve Bowden

Upgrade Your English Student's Book includes:

• 10 theme-related units, each containing carefully designed tasks to develop students’ reading, listening, speaking and writing skills as well as build on their vocabulary and grammar.

• 5 Progress Reviews, one after every two units, to further consolidate the vocabulary and grammar.

• a Grammar Reference to support the grammar theory presented in each unit.

• a Writing Bank and a Speaking Bank to support students’ productive skills.

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Upgrade Your English A2 Workbook
ISBN-13: 9789963264414
CEFR Level: A2
The authors: Kate Newbury, Steve Bowden

Upgrade Your English Workbook provides reinforcement of the material taught in the Student’s Book. There are 10 units and 5 progress reviews which relate directly to the units in the Student’s Book. Its clear and simple format means that it can be used by students at home as well as in class.

Each unit contains:

• a reading passage and comprehension task.

• vocabulary and grammar tasks followed by a Use Your English section that brings vocabulary and grammar together in exam-style tasks.

• a listening task.

• a speaking task.

• a writing task.


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Upgrade Your English A2 Glossary & Grammar Reference in Greek
ISBN-13: 9789963264544
CEFR Level: A2

Upgrade your English A2 Glossary & Grammar Reference in Greek has been written as an aid for student's using Upgrade Your English A2 Student's Book.

In each unit, words, phrases and expressions are listed in order of appearance together with their parts of speech and the accurate Freek translation of the word, phrase or expression as it is used in the context of the Student's Book.

In the grammar reference section of each unit, there are comprehensive grammar expenations in Greek with further topic-related example sentences in English.

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Upgrade Your English A2 Teacher's Book
ISBN-13: 9789963264438
CEFR Level: A2
The authors: Kate Newbury, Steve Bowden

Upgrade Your English Teacher’s Book is a complete step-by-step guide for teachers. Its easy-to-follow layout provides busy teachers with a valuable teaching aid.

Upgrade Your English Teacher’s Book includes:

• clear and concise instructions and keys for all tasks in the Student’s Book, including background information where necessary.

• suggestions for extra activities and teaching tips.

• photocopiable vocabulary and grammar tasks for each unit of the Student’s Book for use with early finishers or as extra practice.

• photocopiable tests.

• keys to the Workbook and tests as well as all audio scripts. 

The Photocopiable Tests section contains:

• quizzes, one for use after each unit.

• progress tests, one for use after each progress review.

• a mid-year listening test and a mid-year written test.

• an end-of-year listening test and an end-of-year written test.

• student progress charts where marks and comments can be recorded and easily accessed.

The quizzes cover vocabulary and grammar while the other tests cover reading and writing as well.

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Upgrade Your English A2 Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN-13: 9789963264469
CEFR Level: A2
Upgrade Your English A2 Class CDs
ISBN-13: 9789963264445
CEFR Level: A2