Smart 1 Student's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925550159
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

SMART 1 Student’s Book includes:

• clearly structured units, organised in stimulating and easy-to-follow two-page lessons.

• regular reviews which check students’ progress.

• all the key grammar and vocabulary required at this level.

• gradual development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through fun and achievable activities.

• a wide variety of stimulating and enjoyable topic-related writing activities in the higher levels.

• stickers and songs to maintain a high level of motivation.

• projects and plays which practise and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar taught.

• Smart 1 includes an Alphabet and Starter section which has been specially written to introduce young learners to the way English letters are formed and pronounced. Students are shown how to write the letters of the alphabet and at the same time learn useful vocabulary that is used later in the course book.

• Smart 1 and 2 are accompanied by a Picture Dictionary which has been specially developed to help students consolidate the vocabulary they learn during the year. By completing the picture dictionary on a weekly basis, they will have a complete book of the vocabulary they have learnt at the end of the school year

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Smart 1 Workbook
ISBN-13: 9789925550173
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Smart Workbook has been designed in full colour and provides ample practice of the grammatical and lexical items presented in the Student’s Book in a clear and simple format. It offers a wide variety of stimulating and enjoyable tasks which develop students’ reading and writing skills and consolidate what they have learnt in class.


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Smart 1 Teacher's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925550197
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Smart Teacher’s Book

Smart Teacher’s Book has been specially designed to assist teachers with the difficult task of teaching English to young learners. It offers step-by-step guidance on how to approach each lesson and keep the students engaged and motivated.

It contains:

• clear, easy-to-follow lesson plans for all lessons and reviews.

• a key to all tasks.

• audioscripts.

• Workbook instructions and key.

• extra photocopiable material.

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Smart 1 Class CDs
ISBN-13: 9789925550227
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Smart 1 Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN-13: 9789925550203
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Smart Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Software is a wonderful tool that increases student involvement in the classroom and helps bring lessons to life through animation and interaction.

Smart IWB contains:

• the interactive Student’s Book page-for-page.

• fully-interactive presentation pages with full 3D animation and audio controls.

• the interactive Workbook, which includes all of the Workbook exercises in fully interactive format.

• interactive flashcards for learning vocabulary and practising pronunciation.

• all the songs and ‘read and listen’ passages with animation.

• interactive games to be played in class and at the end of each lesson if time permits.

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