Tip Top Starter Pupil's Book
ISBN-13: 978-9925-32-140-7

Tip Top Starter engages learners through motivating illustrated stories, songs and chants followed by enjoyable playful activities.

Tip Top Starter features:

  •  charming and amusing cartoon stories, songs and chants accompanied by a wide range of fun activities, games and hands-on crafts.
  •  simple, varied and enjoyable activities which are always manageable for very young learners.
  •  lessons which gradually introduce vocabulary and simple structures, as well as the English alphabet and numbers.
  • regular revision sections.
  • opportunities for curriculum-based learning.

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Tip Top Starter Activity Book
ISBN-13: 978-9925-32-142-1

Tip Top Starter Activity Book Includes:

  • activities that practise vocabulary and structures in a fun way, such as colouring, tracing and matching.
  •  fun number recognition, sequencing and counting activities, as well as guided number       handwriting practice on staves.
  •  handwriting practice of upper and lower case letters on staves.
  •  craft activities at the end of the book

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Tip Top Starter Teacher's Book
ISBN-13: 978-9925-32-144-5

Tip Top Starter Teacher's Book contains:

  • clear and easy-to-follow teaching notes for the Pupil's Book and the Activity Book
  • detailed lesson objectives and materials guide
  • audioscripts
  • progress Tests
  • extra activities and alphabet practice


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Tip Top Starter Flashcards
ISBN-13: 978-9925-32-148-3


The Flashcard Pack contains all the vocabulary items taught in the course, and flashcards are labeled with the unit and the word itself for the teacher. As well as being used for vocabulary and revision, the flashcards are used in a variety of games and activities as suggested in the Teacher's Book 

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Tip Top Starter Class CDs
ISBN-13: 978-9925-32-146-9

Class Audio

The Class audio contains all the songs and stories in the course, as well as the vocabulary items and the listening activities. There are also karaoke versions of the songs

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Tip Top Starter Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN-13: 978-9925-32-147-6

Interactive Whiteboard Software

The IWB software allows teachers to use and present the course in an interactive way. It includes:

  • All Pupil's Book pages
  • Audio-visual presentation of new vocabulary
  • Fully interactive activities and games
  • Cross curricular posters and activities
  • Fully interactive animated presentation of new vocabulary
  • enjoyable animated stories and songs
  • Videos demonstrating the craft activities

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